SKYLIGHTS now on iBookstore

Unknown…so you iPad and iPhone folks can get your Mars on now if you like.

Skylights on Amazon is still here. (Meanwhile, the Amazon rank is up to #46,216.  MOAR!)

Skylights on Smashwords is here.

I am continuing to monitor Barnes and Noble and Kobo; they ought to be live soon (the files got sent to them by Smashwords the same way they got sent to Apple) but I doubt I’ll update the site again tonight.  Hang out around Twitter if you’re partial to those platforms.


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Luther M. Siler

The author of SKYLIGHTS, THE BENEVOLENCE ARCHIVES and several other books.

2 thoughts on “SKYLIGHTS now on iBookstore

  1. I just bought my copy. I rarely (never) read sci-fi, but you hooked me somehow. I figured I’d better buy the book to figure out why. 😉 It’s in the queue as I have quite the stack of books I’m catching up on, but I’m really excited to read it. Go Mars!


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