On numerology

dancing-grootLuckily for me, I ended up having a fair amount of work to do (and a couple of meetings) today, which meant that I wasn’t sitting at my desk playing Luther Go Crazy and reloading Amazon’s website over and over and over again.  Sales are… about what I’d expect, which is to say they’re not burning up the universe just yet, but they exist.  If I have a decent evening, I’m on track to have more sales on my first day than any single day of sales on Benevolence Archives, which I’m going to take as a good thing.  I’m keeping an eye on sales of BA, too– we shall see if the existence of Book Two juices the sales of Book One at all.

Currently, I’m into the five figures on sales rank.  BA peaked at #24,355 as a paid ebook (and did much better, if temporarily, when I made it free for a while).  Skylights is at #91,958 right now, and the difference between the two ranks is a startlingly low number of sales.   I’m hoping to crack a four-digit rank today.  We’ll see.

(Buy the book so I can crow about my sales, is what I’m saying here.)

(I love you guys, by the way.  Even those of you who haven’t bought the book yet.  I love you slightly less than the ones who have, but I still love you.)

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