BY REQUEST: Geography blogwanking


Haven’t posted this map in a while either.  There aren’t really any surprises on it, I don’t think, other than the continued refusal of anyone from Kosovo at all ever to come visit my blog.  I swear, guys, I’ve been chasing this one: I have Kosovo as a search term in my Reader and I Like every single post that is tagged “Kosovo” and not one single person from Kosovo has come back to my blog from Kosovo to read my blog in Kosovo.


Also, Svalbard island, but I’m less annoyed by that because I know no one but polar bears actually lives there.

Most of the rest of the places I haven’t had at least one hit from are either third world countries, theocratic dictatorships, or former Soviet bloc countries with -stan in their names, and frequently they’re more than one of those at the same time.  Oh, and Cuba, which doesn’t quite fit into any of those categories but also doesn’t surprise me too much.

But seriously, Kosovo.  You’re in Europe.  There’s no excuse.  Come say hi.

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9 thoughts on “BY REQUEST: Geography blogwanking

      1. Afraid not. 😀 I’m only starting out and my biggest surprise was the amount of viewership coming from the UK and Norway. Might I recommend writing something super polarizing about Josip Broz Tito or the Bosnian War?


  1. Hi from Georgia (also known as Gurcistan to Turkish speakers)… I haven’t had any visitors from Kossovo either but plenty from neighbouring Serbia. You also have visitors from China, I don’t, the most populous frigging country in the world…and not one of them visited my blog!


    1. That’s the weird thing– every other country in Europe, other than the couple of teeny-tiny ones like Monaco and Liechtenstein, is well-represented. And not ONE hit from Kosovo.

      I have precisely three hits from China, and I find them surprising, as China is well-known for censoring the hell out of their Internet. I half-suspect they were from bots, but I’ll take them anyway. 🙂

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  2. You kidding me? 185 views from Spain, that´s cool, I don´t get any though, nobody here know I write and the few that know they don´t understand english. Which is cool with me, much better that way.


  3. I’m pretty sure some people have to live on Svalbard, right? Because they have that big seed bank there? But I have no problem pretending otherwise if we can admit the existence of panserbjørn. 😉


  4. For what it’s worth neither my mathematics nor my humor blogs seem to have had any readers from Kosovo. That’s a smaller set of readers than you have, by far, but it does seem a curious oversight.

    I’m also missing Bolivia, although that’s not necessarily statistically significant.


  5. Ha! I have the same problem with Kosovo and Svalbard. I’m also struggling for profile in Iran and French Guiana. C’mon people! Just one click and back to work.


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