Sunday blogwanking

I always feel like there’s no reason for anyone to be interested in these, but they always end up creating some conversation, and I find myself popping in when others do similar posts, so maybe I just don’t know anything about what people find interesting.

That said, the tl;dr version of this post is “not much has changed lately.”

One thing I really wish WordPress would do is institute some sort of chart to keep track of Followers.  They’re really inconsistent in how they keep track of your numbers (the phenomenon where I hover around a single number for a couple days then suddenly jump by 30 has not abated) and I’d really like to see some sort of trend.  That said, the blog is fifteen months old and has 3800 followers.  I should pass 4000 in the next couple of weeks.  Still only 76 Likes on Facebook, a number that hasn’t budged in forever; most of the readers seem to be coming directly here, but I still see more referrals from Facebook than any other single source other than Google so I’ll keep the page alive.

So how many of those people are coming here?  Let’s look at charts:


Monthly first.  I’m still looking to see if I get that huge spike in readership that happened last winter; while there was a bit of a bulge toward the end of the summer (and an expected drop off once school started) traffic has been pretty steady, especially on readers as opposed to page views, since April.  I generally get between 5-6000 page views a month and around 2000 visitors.  September, I think, is going to end up just barely behind August, mostly due to the several days where I was sick and hardly posted.  It won’t be back by much, though.


Here’s weekly views, where it’s even clearer that not much has changed in the last several months.  Big drop at the start of school and into that week where I was sick, but other than that everything’s been pretty steady.  That week in April where I got 900+ hits in a day for no clear reason at all still stands all by itself.

And, just for the heck of it, here’s Twitter.  See if you can figure out at which points I started, and stopped, actively trying to gain followers:



I should probably keep pushing on Twitter until I get above that magic 2k mark, but haven’t had the time and energy for it lately.  We’ll see.

At some point I should probably either put some energy into putting together some sort of long-term strategy for this place or hire Gene’O to write me one, but on the other hand, “write about whatever the hell I want whenever the hell I want” seems to be working okay so far.  We’ll see.

And now, to spend the rest of the day staring at Word files and cursing at Microsoft.  Fun!

(EDIT:  Just noticed this– this is my 850th post.)

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10 thoughts on “Sunday blogwanking

  1. You’re doing better with your writing anything you want, anytime you want, than you would with any strategy I could devise. I’m planning to catpture our quarterly numbers when the month rolls over and do one of these posts in the next couple of weeks, but I just did a quick scan of our blogs. Mine and Diana’s little operation has generated 60K page views in just under 11 months, but they’re distributed across 4 blogs and I have no way of knowing who’s visiting which blogs. Our follower growth has also slowed way down.

    I know I’ve gone back and forth on the quality .vs quantity issue, but I’m in the quantity camp at this point as long as it doesn’t mean you’re posting total crap. Once we stopped posting three and four times a day at Sourcerer, the numbers on that blog dropped right back down to where they were before the crazy frantic summer blogging. Diana’s blog has taken a dip, but her monthly traffic is about where I’d expect for August and September.

    I’m wondering now where we’d be if we’d just put all our stuff on a single blog and pounded the WordPress news feeds three and four times per day, five days a week, for the last year.


  2. As far as the twitter goes, I say tweet enough that you don’t show up as inactive when people load up their follower lists to unfollow people (publicize is great for that). As long as you aren’t losing a ton of ground, Twitter will still be there when you feel like it. I stopped growing mine for three months or more, went on there friday and followed a bunch of new people, and I’ve picked up at least 30 or 40 followers this weekend.


  3. So Twitter’s a good outlet then? I’ve been pretty on the fence about it for some time in general but now that I’m starting up my blog I’m thinking it might be worth shooting for. How’s your readership on a national basis?


    1. Twitter is… weird. I have basically started using it as a brain dump for random little thoughts that used to go on Facebook. Even with nearly 1500 followers, any given Tweet is probably only going to be seen by about 50 of them unless it gets a lot of retweets– and then the people who see it aren’t going to be my actual followers– they’ll be someone else’s. So it’s not great for promotion, necessarily, but at this point I’d drop my Facebook account before I’d drop Twitter just because I find Twitter more fun and less annoyingly acrimonious. What do you mean by “on a national basis”– country by country? I can repost that if you’d like to see it.


      1. Thanks for the insights on Twitter. I’ve been getting some facebook fatigue as of late. “Brain dump” is exactly how I would have characterized Twitter all this time. And yes, I meant country by country. Do you find that any particular country follows you moreso than others?


    1. Comment and Like on other blogs. Absolutely the best way to grow readership. Oh, and write things people want to read. Or at least that YOU want to read; worrying about what other people want can lead to too much second-guessing and you lose your voice.

      Also, a regular schedule is good. I tend to blog 2-3 times a day but that’s because I’m insane. Just make sure that you don’t do three posts and then take a month off or anything like that.


  4. Thank you! I’ve been doing 2 posts a day so far, been trying to get as much advice as possible really because i’ve made blogs before and given up… I will make this one a success! 🙂


  5. Seeing other bloggers charts is definitely a helpful tool when gauging how I have been doing with my own thus far. It about 8 months in, and I am now starting to see a healthier number of views per day (still nowhere near yours).
    As for Twitter, I find it helpful to get the word out on my articles once they are posted, but Facebook is definitely tops at the moments.


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