Geography #blogwanking, March 2015 edition

French Guiana!  French Guiana!  French Guiana!

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 6.01.27 PM

I have finally filled in a continent other than North America and Australia, as French Guiana shows up today and gives me the last little bit I’m missing.  Kosovo, at this point, has got to just not show up on WordPress’ scanners at all, because it remains the stubborn hole in Europe, and the -stans are screwing Asia all up since I’ve decided North Korea doesn’t count.

But South America!  Done!  Woohoo!

BY REQUEST: Geography blogwanking


Haven’t posted this map in a while either.  There aren’t really any surprises on it, I don’t think, other than the continued refusal of anyone from Kosovo at all ever to come visit my blog.  I swear, guys, I’ve been chasing this one: I have Kosovo as a search term in my Reader and I Like every single post that is tagged “Kosovo” and not one single person from Kosovo has come back to my blog from Kosovo to read my blog in Kosovo.


Also, Svalbard island, but I’m less annoyed by that because I know no one but polar bears actually lives there.

Most of the rest of the places I haven’t had at least one hit from are either third world countries, theocratic dictatorships, or former Soviet bloc countries with -stan in their names, and frequently they’re more than one of those at the same time.  Oh, and Cuba, which doesn’t quite fit into any of those categories but also doesn’t surprise me too much.

But seriously, Kosovo.  You’re in Europe.  There’s no excuse.  Come say hi.

Mirë, eja, tani

UnknownMirë, shikoni, Kosovën, ne kemi marrë një fillim të keq. Ju nuk më do si unë dua. Kjo është në rregull. Por kam marrë trafiku nga Tanzania sot. Tanzania! Ju jeni në Evropë! Unë nuk e kuptoj se si funksionon bota, ku kam marrë trafiku nga Tanzania para se të merrni të trafikut nga Kosova, e cila aq sa unë kam qenë ndonjëherë në gjendje për të të treguar është një vend i bukur.

Get në këtë.

Ок, види, Косово, да смо устали на лосем. Ти ме не волиш као ја тебе. То је у реду. Али имам саобраћај из Танзаније данас. Танзанија! Ти си у Европи! Ја не разумем како свет функционише, где сам се саобраћај из Танзаније пре него што сам се саобраћај са Косова, који колико сам икада био у стању да кажем је дивно место.

Набавите на то.

Tamam, kötü bir başlangıç ​​için kazanılmış ettik, Kosova bak. Seni seviyorum gibi beni sevmiyorsun. Bu tamam. Ama bugün Tanzanya trafik var. TANZANYA! Avrupa’da demektir! Ben bildiğim kadarıyla hiç söylemek mümkün oldum gibi güzel bir yer olduğunu, Kosova, trafik olsun önce ben Tanzanya gelen trafik nereden dünyanın nasıl anlamıyorum.

Bu konuda alın.

Bine, uite, Kosovo, am ajuns pe la un început prost. Tu nu mă iubești așa cum te iubesc. E în regulă. Dar m-am trafic de la Tanzania azi. TANZANIA! Ești în Europa! Eu nu înțeleg cum funcționează lumea în care pot obține de trafic de la Tanzania înainte de a obține de trafic de la Kosovo, care în măsura în care am fost vreodată în stare să spun este un loc minunat.

Urcă-te pe asta.

U redu, gledaj, Kosovo, smo skrenuli na loš start. Ti me ne voliš kao ja tebe. To je u redu. Ali imam saobraćaja iz Tanzanije danas. TANZANIJA! Ti si u Europi! Ne razumijem kako svijet funkcionira, gdje sam se promet iz Tanzanije prije nego što sam se promet sa Kosova, koje koliko sam ikada bio u stanju reći je divno mjesto.

Uzmi na to.

Dobre, pozri, Kosovo, sme dostali voľno na zlý štart. Ty ma nemiluješ, ako ja ťa milujem. To je v poriadku. Ale dnes som dostala prevádzku z Tanzánie. Tanzánia! Ste v Európe! Nechápem, ako funguje svet, kde som sa dostať prevádzku z Tanzánie, než sa dostanem prevádzku z Kosova, ktorý ak som nikdy nebol schopný povedať, je to krásne miesto.

Získajte na to.

Okay, look, Kosovo, we’ve gotten off to a bad start. You don’t love me like I love you. That’s okay. But I got traffic from Tanzania today. TANZANIA! You’re in Europe! I don’t understand how the world works where I get traffic from Tanzania before I get traffic from Kosovo, which as far as I’ve ever been able to tell is a lovely place.

Get on that.

(Albanian, Serbian, Turkish, Romanian, Bosnian, Slovak and English, respectively; all but English through Google Translate, so who knows what these actually say.  It worked with Finland, didn’t it?)

On a year at WordPress

I started blogging in… 2004, I think, when a grad school friend of mine suggested that a bunch of us start sites at Xanga.  That blog lasted five years of mostly-daily publishing through the first three or four years and then a slow decline over the last year.  A year and a half or so ago I got dragged back into a new Xanga site at the suggestion of a friend I’d met through the first blog, and then Xanga exploded and I moved operations over here.

In six or so years of blogging at Xanga, I got around a hundred and twenty thousand hits.  Here’s the traffic from my first year at WordPress:

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 2.34.35 PM

…so I’m at half the traffic of six years of blogging at another site, in a year.  Traffic’s dropped way off from wintertime but that’s because I’ve invested less time into babysitting the site; it’s starting to climb back up again lately and I’m fine with that.  All said, nearly sixty-five thousand hits in a year is not something that I feel like complaining about.  It’s awesome.

What?  You want more nerd stuff?  Okay:

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 2.35.17 PM


I am down to mostly third-world countries, Islamist theocracies, and Communist strongholds as far as countries that I haven’t seen traffic from yet.  And Kosovo.  Seriously, Kosovo, what the hell is your deal, what did I do to you?  I’ve had so much traffic from the rest of Europe that I’m starting to wonder if WordPress thinks Kosovo is a country just for this map but actually interprets traffic from there as being from someplace else.  And somebody hitting me up from Svalbard island would be nice, but I think there are only seeds and ice there and I don’t think seeds and ice use the Internet.

One more, while I’m sharing numbers:

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 2.35.36 PM

That followers number staggers me, even as I’m convinced that it doesn’t mean much– I had one random couple of days a few months ago where I inexplicably got almost a thousand page views in a day, but there are nowhere near three thousand people coming here even on a monthly basis, so I suspect the majority of those followers are bots or fly-bys.  Still, though, when I look at most of the other blogs I read, three thousand seems like a lot for people who aren’t otherwise celebrities or well-known, and I’m certainly not that.

So, yeah.  I’ve invested a lot of time and effort in this place over the last year but I think it’s been worth it and it’s been a lot of fun.  We’ll see how the next year goes.  Hopefully Kosovo will show up so I can start shooting for Liechtenstein and Vatican City.  🙂

Thanks for reading!

(Actually, let’s not make that a three-word thing:  Seriously.  Thanks for reading.  Y’all are awesome.  I mean it.)

So this is sorta fun

rusnrd6jsjs4njnofritA couple of observations:

  • Releasing a book on the Saturday before Mother’s Day probably wasn’t the smartest marketing move I ever made in my life.  I went through the whole registration process on Amazon thinking that at some point it was going to have me pick a release date for the book to go live and then it became clear that “Okay, you’re published!” was the only option I had left.  Because I have no patience (and had already said, a whole bunch of times, “This weekend!”) I went ahead and did it.  Whee!
  • It’s an incredibly heady feeling seeing something you did available on a site like that.  Granted, self-publishing ebooks are kinda Amazon’s ghetto, but it’s still real estate.
  • That was a crappy metaphor.
  • Current sales rank is #43,315.  Which isn’t very high, until you realize that there are a  few million books on the site.  It gets me wondering how high I’d climb in the rankings after, say, a couple dozen sales.
  • There are over 2600 of you, supposedly; read between the lines.  🙂
  • One scary thing that happened:  I got an email from Amazon pretty promptly saying that there was content from my book available free on the Web and that I needed to reconfirm they owned the rights or they’d delete the book.  And my account.  Which: yikes.  That said, going through their process and pointing out in an email that the website that was hosting the free content was also linked from the back of the ebook got me a polite email from what appeared to be a human this morning confirming that everything was fine, so I’m gonna go with “I appreciate this service” even though it nearly gave me a heart attack.
  • That said, I’ve pulled the first-draft version of BA 5 from the site, both to avoid future potential Amazon drama and because I made some pretty massive revisions in the actual ebook and don’t want both versions floating around.  You can still read the first BA story using the “Look Inside” feature if you like.
  • Happy Mother’s Day, if you’re into that.  🙂  I’m making breakfast for folks soon so I won’t be able to babysit the internet as much as I really want to today.
  • Who am I kidding, of course I will.
  • I have an author page over there now, which actually publishes bits from Twitter and from the blog through RSS.  I am not convinced of the wisdom of allowing them to do this but it’s active at the moment.
  • On the non-book front: Kosovo, what’s your deal?   I’ve been chasing hits from you for like three months and you’re starting to hurt my feelings.  I got two hits from Libya this week, ferchrissakes.  Does Libya have better internets than Kosovo?
  • Also, I’m thinking of buying a Rams jersey.  I don’t have a favorite pro football team so I might as well be political about it.