In which I jobhunt

paperworkHave spent the morning updating my resume (screw the accents) and filling out all sorts of shit on complicated online application forms.  I’ve decided, much to my chagrin and for reasons that I don’t really want to go into here, that I need to go somewhere else next year, most preferably to a new district entirely.  My head already hurts just from the revisions to the resume, which I haven’t touched since moving away from Chicago in 2007; I’m sure as soon as I wade into having to get copies of my transcripts from the three different universities that I have degrees from it will much improve the quality of my day.

Also today, if I can squeeze it in, some work on final revisions and formatting for Benevolence Archives, and oh right I have a birthday party to run at work tonight.  And tomorrow I get to do mortar & tape work in the bathroom, which I’ve never done before and am sure to screw up in a most epic fashion.

I managed to get all my grading done yesterday before leaving work.  I think I’m grateful for that; it means that I might get half an hour to relax this weekend if I play my cards right.


(EDIT:  The University of Chicago, amazingly, doesn’t charge for electronic transcripts– the other two universities hit me up for $15 to email me a .pdf file.  Apparently they’ve decided that the hundred million dollars that it cost me to get a Master’s Degree from them covers future transcript requests.  Hooray!)

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7 thoughts on “In which I jobhunt

  1. I just went through this and signed a letter of intent. It was insane. I had to find shot records from 1997… Seriously. And, because I went to several universities at once in undergrad (I’m a weirdo…I own that, but I sadly graduated on time), and then have post-grad…I had to get FIVE sets of transcripts. God, just writing this makes me want to drink.


  2. The education is pretty ridiculous here in the U.S. I have a M.Ed and have been teaching for almost seven years and wish I could see the light at the end of the educational debt tunnel. If education was really valued by our country, wouldn’t there be a standard loan forgiveness program for people who decide to work hard educating others for such little pay? Call me crazy, but it seems like a step in the right direction to me.


  3. We didn’t realize it at the time, but UChicago actually charges you a fee your first quarter for transcript service forever. I recently got copies of my college transcript, and they only provide it on paper. Welcome to 2014.


  4. I teach, I write, I read, I cook, I only lie in my books and to my ex-husband, who doesn’t believe the truth, and I have four cats with whom I interact constantly because they all sleep with me and sit behind me and poke me while I’m trying to write. All of them have learned to talk because I obviously can’t speak CAT properly.


  5. Good luck. I hate begging for my many transcripts. Nobody has copies handy, and no one cares anyway. I think I paid more than $15.00 for some of them. When they came, they were purple and smudged. Your son will be better off in trade school, the way things are going. He will get more money for much less effort, and since the meek are soon to inherit the United States, he’ll be more than adequately prepared. Anyway my college students are as stupid as stone.


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