How to win at King of the Hill

1538942_10152128972078926_1808992687_n…be able to fly, or jump really high.

Wife’s home until noon, when the travel ban goes away; boy’s home all day.  The agenda, in vague order of priority, and not including “interact with and/or care for family members”:

  • Finish BA 5.  It’ll be up tonight or tomorrow;
  • Success groups for next week;
  • Finish the school improvement plan we were working on during our retreat last week;
  • Write 21 days of brief 7th grade Math lesson plans for the run-up to ISTEP;
  • Respond to a whole bunch of email;
  • Various Washington, DC miscellany;
  • Finally log into my retirement account now that I’ve got that PIN I needed (it came in last week; haven’t used it yet, may have lost the paper it’s on);
  • Listen to a whole bunch of new music I downloaded yesterday;
  • Possibly settle For Once And For All who should have won the Grammy for Best Rap Album;
  • Figure out why I care about the Grammys;
  • Do not go outside again, because holy shit;
  • Get as close as possible to finishing the excellent book about World War II that I’m reading;
  • Figure out what’s next once BA 5 is finished;
  • Get a draft of the letter to the state Superintendent written or at least conceptualized;
  • Play with Scrivener;
  • Clean the house a bit.

I have been thinking all weekend that we’d be back to school tomorrow; current projections show that we’re still going to have a temperature in the high negatives at 6-7:00 AM tomorrow, which means that we’re still pretty doubtful.  So right now we’re trying to plan this out as everything in a day.  We’ll see.



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