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My email making it into the wild appears to be a theme this week for some reason.  I just spent ten minutes looking around on my blog on a browser I wasn’t logged in on, trying to figure out how the hell somebody pulled my email off of the site.  I’d gotten a wildly annoying email on an education topic that I assumed initially was a response to yesterday’s post about Jihad.

I’m pretty sure I got that wrong, now: I just remembered a throwaway comment on another blog that I made earlier today– not anything remotely controversial or rude, mind you, just a simple factual comment about education– and read in that context the email makes a bit more sense, even if the content is still wildly annoying.  It’s just wildly annoying and explicable instead of wildly annoying and inexplicable.  

Here’s a rule that I didn’t realize was a rule:  don’t email me about blog comments, especially if you didn’t bother to approve my comment in the first place.  And here’s why what was otherwise a minor irritation turned into a post: because (believe it or not) I don’t like being unreasonable, and I feel like being annoyed by this counts as unreasonable.  I need a ruling, folks.

Note that the dude didn’t show any actual indication that he wanted to have a conversation about the post; it’s a short, stupid screed.  If there had been follow-up questions or something like that I might be more inclined to be charitable, (although “dude, you don’t maybe wanna talk about this on the blog?” might have been asked) but no: this was just an aggravatingly ignorant comment.  In my damn inbox.  Where it doesn’t belong.

So, constant reader (and inconstant reader as well):  Am I off base here?  Or is this sorta fucked up?

14 thoughts on “Point of etiquette

  1. pjsandchocolate

    Well, if you throw it out there for the world to see, you’re kinda inviting commentary in any fashion your readers see fit. If you publish a a book, readers hit you on your website, in fan email, actual paper mail, on their blogs, your blog and so forth. A blog is just a free book, for all intents and purposes.
    While the commenter may have been rude in tagging your email, or maybe even cowardly because they didn’t want to deal with a possible internet backlash from your followers by making the commentary public, if you threw the subject out there for public consumption, you need to be prepared for the occasional moment of anti-peristalsis by those who consume.


  2. I’m sad that happened to you, Infinitefreetime. I like your blog, I like the stories, I find them both entertaining and enjoyable. I feel very sad that someone was nasty to you in an email and invaded your privacy. I know it’s the web and a blog is public, but I don’t like to see someone get hurt.


  3. sunshinebright

    pj put it very succinctly. It is easy to get an email address. And, yes, we are all open to “reviews and comments” by anyone. Our dirty laundry hangs out there; our happiness hangs out there, etc.


  4. i think it is fine to email someone about a blog comment, especially if it is of an obviously sensitive nature. If it is not obvious it is good etiquette for the writer of the email to explain why the topic was not being addressed on the blog


  5. I keep an separate email address for my blog and anywhere public where I’m asked to give one (shopping, charities etc), that way I can consider anything weird that lands in it as no closer to home than the garden shed.


  6. I’m sorry I’m coming to this late, and I see you’ve already reached your verdict, but I felted compelled to say I agree with Nisha T., Hate mail makes me feel as if I’ve said something worthwhile.


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