Holy whoa

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Point of etiquette


My email making it into the wild appears to be a theme this week for some reason.  I just spent ten minutes looking around on my blog on a browser I wasn’t logged in on, trying to figure out how the hell somebody pulled my email off of the site.  I’d gotten a wildly annoying email on an education topic that I assumed initially was a response to yesterday’s post about Jihad.

I’m pretty sure I got that wrong, now: I just remembered a throwaway comment on another blog that I made earlier today– not anything remotely controversial or rude, mind you, just a simple factual comment about education– and read in that context the email makes a bit more sense, even if the content is still wildly annoying.  It’s just wildly annoying and explicable instead of wildly annoying and inexplicable.  

Here’s a rule that I didn’t realize was a rule:  don’t email me about blog comments, especially if you didn’t bother to approve my comment in the first place.  And here’s why what was otherwise a minor irritation turned into a post: because (believe it or not) I don’t like being unreasonable, and I feel like being annoyed by this counts as unreasonable.  I need a ruling, folks.

Note that the dude didn’t show any actual indication that he wanted to have a conversation about the post; it’s a short, stupid screed.  If there had been follow-up questions or something like that I might be more inclined to be charitable, (although “dude, you don’t maybe wanna talk about this on the blog?” might have been asked) but no: this was just an aggravatingly ignorant comment.  In my damn inbox.  Where it doesn’t belong.

So, constant reader (and inconstant reader as well):  Am I off base here?  Or is this sorta fucked up?