Covid report, Day 2

… I’m fine, I guess?

I’ll be real: if it was just a matter of symptoms, I would absolutely be planning on returning to work tomorrow. It wouldn’t even be in question. Right now I’m probably about exactly 48 hours from my positive test. My fever was up to 101.7 yesterday, although I sort of suspect the thermometer of measuring high, because I feel like 101.7 is real real sick and I never even felt close to that sick. The fever broke last night and I’m back to normal today. Really, the only symptoms I have are an occasional cough, equally occasional sneezing, and some really slight congestion– enough that I notice it but not enough that I find it particularly debilitating.

There’s also some fatigue; I got bored this afternoon and did some cleaning and took a long shower, shaving my face and my head, and I needed a nap afterwards. I slept until 11:15 this morning, too, and that hasn’t happened unintentionally in forever. One way or another, though, barring some sort of relapse the main difficulty has been keeping myself busy without losing my mind. The vaccines have done their job, as far as I’m concerned; this virus has killed a million people in the US and it was a two-day mild inconvenience for me. I’d prefer to not have gotten it at all, obviously, but so far this has been a best-case scenario.

Fingers are gonna remain crossed regardless, though. I know this fucker tends to morph on people, so I’m far from out of the woods, but so far so good. Plus Sushi has been super friendly for the last couple of days. She’s definitely the prickly one of the three cats, so it’s always nice when she decides to like people.

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