In which I’m glad you’re safe

…you don’t know this, but you almost died just now. If you recall– this will not require a high level of recollective prowess, don’t worry– I had Covid, or at least I thought I did, earlier this week and last weekend. I never once tested positive. I actually spent some time at work this week and generally enjoyed myself; I still really like my kids, which isn’t rare, necessarily, but it’s rare that I’m even just this far into the school year and haven’t yet identified the kids who are going to be a huge pain in my ass all year. I’m sure there will be some, but I genuinely don’t know who they are yet.

Earlier today we were taking the pool down for the day and my wife made a comment about how terrible the ground under the pool smelled. I commented that I couldn’t smell it. Two minutes later, I had my nose in a jar of minced garlic and, while I could tell there was garlic in the jar, I had used the jar the previous day to make some grits and I knew good and Goddamn well that I couldn’t smell it nearly as clearly as I’d been able the day before.

One Covid test later, I was somehow negative again, which is why you’re still alive, because I would surely have ended all life on Earth had I received a positive test five days after being symptom-free and returning to work. Why I’m getting new symptoms today when I’ve been fine since, like, Sunday night or Monday afternoon is an open question.

I have spent most of my leisure time in the last couple of days building Lego sets. I have never reviewed a Lego set on this site, but it might be time to do so, because the Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck set is amazing, and the set I’m working on now, the moon lander, is pretty fucking sweet in its own right.

In which this is bullshit

My son has Covid, and he’s in the living room feeling completely fine and screaming at the friend who gave him Covid over his iPad, so nothing abnormal there at all. I do not have Covid, or at least these tests I keep taking keep coming up negative, but I’ve probably been asleep for at least 35 of the last 48 hours and I still feel like hell. My goal this year for school was to show up; I want to finish the year with at least half of my sick days still available, and I’ve missed two of the first three days of school already.

This is bullshit.

I watched Prey last night, or at least I think I did; I don’t really have the energy to review the thing but it was pretty good and if you’ve been meaning to watch it but haven’t you’ll probably really enjoy it. I may finally watch The Princess tonight; TikTok has been showing me ads for it for what feels like months and I want to watch it. I’ve also got half a season of Sandman left and apparently the first episode of She-Hulk dropped yesterday? So maybe I’ll just spend the next day and a half watching TV and catching up on all this shit.

This is it, though. Once I’m over whatever this is, second bout of Covid or not, I’m not getting sick again in 2022. You fucking hear me, universe? We’re done. I’m going to work every day and it’s going to be a good year and I’m going to enjoy it, and I’ll fight you if I fucking have to. The end.

So far so good

Got through a day of meetings without any rage-murders, although I may have a teacher to talk off the ledge tomorrow morning, we’ll see. So far no one has tested positive for Covid in my house either, and we all took tests this morning. I just went through the schedules of all my students and reported any inconsistencies or problems I found and I think 7:41 PM is a decent time to be done working for the day, especially since I was expected to be at work before 8.

There was no video posted to my YouTube site today, because first week of school, so I’m going to go see if I can get the next couple of days knocked out before I fall asleep. Tomorrow will be a late night because I have school and then Parent Night, so if I don’t post anything don’t get too het up about it.

Nineteen years. Let’s do this.

Well, shit

Had a great time at the party yesterday— not that that was a surprise, mind you– but we didn’t get home until nearly midnight and pretty much collapsed into bed and died, and as of right now (4:36 PM) I haven’t managed to shower yet. Oh, and we got a text from birthday mom that the birthday girl woke up with mild cold symptoms and promptly tested positive for Covid.


My son doesn’t start school until Friday, and my wife had already taken the week off, so technically in a world where someone in the house has to have Covid, this would be a pretty good week for one of them to catch it. My wife had it in January; the boy hasn’t caught it yet. Me? School starts Wednesday, and tomorrow I’m expected to be at a meeting with every single other teacher in the district. Plus, despite having done it once before (*) I really don’t know how to write sub plans for the first Goddamn day of school, much less the first few.

So, yeah, I’m going to be testing tonight, and we’ll see how that works out. If I’m negative and unsymptomatic I’ll go ahead and go to the thing tomorrow, but I think I’m gonna mask up all week no matter what happens, just for shits and giggles. We’re all vaccinated to the gills and I should still have some antibodies left over from having it in May, but I really don’t love the school year starting off like this.

(*) The boy’s birthday is August 23rd. I attended parent/teacher night right after he was born and really enjoyed the looks on people’s faces when I told them I wouldn’t be there for the first two days of school (confused, angry) and then how they changed when I told them it was because I’d just become a father. The difference is at that school we had an experienced building sub who knew how the place worked and how I wanted my classroom run. Here we’re going to have teacher coverage, which is not going to be the same thing at all.

Covid Update, Day 5

This kinda sucks, y’all.

I’m taking at least one more day. The earliest I could go back is tomorrow and I’m not going to; I still have a fever, or maybe have a new fever, and the fatigue over the last couple of days has been intense. I’ve taken three naps today. That’s not a joke. I probably could have spent the whole day asleep today if I’d really wanted to.

Part of me feels like I ought to suck it up and go in, and part of me is like 99.5 is a fucking fever, dude, and you have to stand for eight hours. You can’t even lie down for eight hours right now. The really weird thing is that I genuinely don’t have a hell of a lot right now in terms of other symptoms. I had the one night of nightmare chills, about a day and a half of a rough cough, and today there’s been some digestive stuff, which is weirder than it sounds because I haven’t been eating all that much.

I dunno. I’ve been sicker. I’ve been a lot sicker. But this reminds me of going on to brain drugs right now. All I want is to sleep.

I’ve been promising book reviews for a couple of days now, and I haven’t had the energy for them, so let me do this at least: I’ve just read Hunger of the Gods, the second book in John Gwynne’s Bloodsworn trilogy, and The Rage of Dragons, the first book in Evan Winter’s The Burning. The second book of The Burning is out and on my Unread Shelf; I’ll probably get to it pretty quickly. I’ve already reviewed the first book in the Bloodsworn quartet, and the short version is that the second book absolutely lives up to the promise of the first; right now these two books are my favorite things I’ve read this year and I don’t know how I’m going to make it a year (at least, as there’s no release date yet) for the third book.

Rage of Dragons actually scratches a pretty similar itch to the Bloodsworn books, only with a culture inspired by the Xhosa and the Zulu instead of the Norse. I kind of feel bad discussing it in the same post as the Bloodsworn, because it’s not the achievement that those books are– but it’s important to point out that this is Winter’s debut novel, and John Gwynne has been around for a good while now. This book focuses on a single main character rather than employing rotating POVs, and it’s pretty explicitly a revenge story, to the point where it can feel a little one-note at times. But it’s done well and I’m looking forward to the sequel. Honestly, if you enjoyed Bloodsworn, you’ll like this one too.