I have Covid

Day One of isolating only has me mildly crazy so we’ll see how the rest of my five days goes. Honestly the biggest problem right now is not having access to my computer.

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7 thoughts on “I have Covid

  1. My husband caught it in early March. Took 2 1/2 weeks for him to test negative again. Me and our kid tested negative the entire time. He had a fever for a few days, and a cough for most of the time. Other than that he didn’t have it too rough. Of course, he is vaxxed and double boosted.
    Here’s hoping it’s not too rough on you either!


  2. Why no access to the computer? I hope you find a way to have access. Geez, it’s only day one?! Much luck to ya! Enjoy the peace if you can.


    1. The computer is in the office and I’m isolating in the master bedroom. I can drag my laptop in here— frankly, I have to today— but the real problem is all my recording shit is in the office and I’m not about to try and move that.


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