On subscriptions and social media

I don’t seem to have actually made an announcement when I ditched my Facebook and Instagram accounts, so I’m not actually too sure how long it’s been since they went away, but a month seems reasonable. It might have been more than that, I dunno. And while I’m not going to subject you to a lengthy blogwanking post with, like, any charts or anything like that, April and May’s traffic was … bad. Real bad. If I was the type of guy who was interested in, like, science and testing assumptions and shit I’d turn the account back on and just not interact with it at all and see if traffic goes up at all …

… but then, summer is starting, and traffic always goes up in summer anyway …

… and Facebook is fucking evil …

… and I do actually miss some people who I basically only got to interact with through Facebook, but it’s not like everyone who wants to talk to me doesn’t know exactly where to find me.


You might remember me talking about my first Winston Box a couple of months (an actual couple of months, as my frequency for boxes was “every two months”) ago, and deciding that I was going to keep it going for one more box. I have, and it has arrived, and I am now done. First, the second Winston Box was a bag, not a box– the type of plastic packaging that Amazon sends clothes in– and God damn it the unboxing is half the fun, and if you’re called the Winston Box and you’re not sending your clothes in a box something has gone ridiculously wrong. I dunno, it’s probably petty, but it aggravated me.

Anyway, once I opened the bag, I found 1) another bland t-shirt with a graphic on it; it’s fine (I’m wearing it now), 2) a three-button, short-sleeve, collarless burgundy shirt that I was about to declare a win until I saw the weird striped cuffs on the sleeves, which I hated a lot, and 3) a pair of shorts that, from the material, I initially thought was a bathing suit, only it was just a pair of shorts and not a bathing suit, and a pair of shorts without pockets at that. I suppose it’s possible that it’s a bathing suit and just doesn’t have a liner, because I know they do that nowadays? Either way I’m not wearing them, which means this box had one thing I was neutral on and two things I actively dislike, and that’s enough to cause me to bring this experiment to a close.

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5 thoughts on “On subscriptions and social media

  1. I did Stitch Fix for about a year. I think I kept 6 items: a pair of shorts that I adore, a couple of blouses I wear occasionally when we’re going out, a pair of shorts which technically fit but they’re white so I’m never going to actually wear them, and a pair of flats that hurt when I tried to wear them and I donated. That was it. I closed it down after 3 months of returning everything in the box.


    1. I figure the hoodie I got in the first box justifies the entire experiment, honestly. I posted the shirt I didn’t like just now, so take a look at it and let me know if you think I’m nuts or not. 🙂


    2. I did Stitch Fix for a while. I kept a number of things, but none that I’ve been happy with long term, especially given the cost. I’m getting Thredup goody boxes now which I like a lot better. (The environmental and social cost of new clothes really, really bothers me.)


  2. I think we need a picture of the weird striped cuffs so we can appropriately judge 😂😂
    Does your traffic go up in the summer? Mine always goes up in the winter, but mine also doesn’t even come close to approaching your levels. Maybe if I wrote about how much I hate Snowpiercer…

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    1. Posted, per your request. 🙂

      My traffic does typically jump a bit in the summer, but I think that’s an artifact of me being home– I tend to post earlier in the morning and am much more likely to post more than once in a day during the summer, so engagement goes up.

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