By request

…the stripey-sleeve shirt I referred to yesterday. I hate the stripes. Hate them. Am I overreacting?

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6 thoughts on “By request

    1. I mean, sure, that’s right in the broader scheme of things, but I don’t think it’s exactly impugning my sovereignty as a human being to say “Hey, I think the stripes are fine, you’re being kind of ridiculous,” especially when I’m actually asking for people’s opinions.


  1. Overreacting? Maybe? It’s just a shirt? But they are kind of horrible so maybe not?

    Personally I hate it when an otherwise ideal garment has some small but highly irritating flaw. So there’s a decent chance I’d have the same reaction. 🙂

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  2. I asked my husband, totally without context, if he would wear this shirt, and he said it looked like a kid’s shirt made for adults, so I think that’s a no and you are not alone in your distaste. 😂

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