Hall of Heroes Con this weekend! Probably!

Tuesday morning I woke up, had a massive coughing fit in the shower, took the boy to school, threw up in the parking lot at McDonald’s while trying to obtain my breakfast, photocopied some crap real quick and went home.

Wednesday morning I got up, assessed the current state of my body, and called in sick to work.

Today I went to work, but I spent most of the day regretting it, and every adult that looked at me told me to go home, and my team said “See you Monday!” as I was leaving my meeting early to go to urgent care.

Urgent care told me rather unconditionally to get a lot of sleep and not to go to work tomorrow. Like, I’ve got the note and everything.

I’m not a huge fan of burning three sick days in September, but that looks like what’s about to happen? And, oh, right, I’ve already paid for Booth 59 at Hall of Heroes Con in Elkhart this weekend. I’m probably not contagious but I already feel like the Monday after a con as is and the con hasn’t happened yet.

So, my attendance is … up in the air, right now, I guess? At any rate the show is at Center Six One Five in Elkhart, from 10-6 on Saturday and 10-5 on Sunday; my understanding is that tickets are reasonably priced. I … well, I’m supposed to be there? So I might be there? I might not? I might show up, and then die!

We’ll see. You should go, though. And if I’m there you should definitely buy books from me because I will be suffering for my art.

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