I had nothing, but now I have this

I didn’t post yesterday on account of having nothing to say, and I very nearly didn’t post today, but then I took a look at where my traffic was coming from today (as one does) and found the list of countries rather interesting:

Mozambique, Tanzania, Nepal and the EU (which I think means Kosovo, as every other EU country comes through as the actual country) all in the same day, in a day where I haven’t managed 100 hits yet? That’s something.

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5 thoughts on “I had nothing, but now I have this

  1. I didn’t know how else to reach you so let me just say thank you thank you thank you for your incredibly negative review of Snowpiercer. The all-time worst movie ever made in the universe!!!

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      1. Lol! I just looked for it again because I was talking to my mom about movies and I wanted to read the only review that accurately represents how stupid that movie was. It depresses me how many people give that movie glowing reviews

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