What we need … is a video

This is probably the single most self-indulgent thing I’ve ever done in this space, so please, forgive me, but: we’re vlogging tonight.

I’m so very sorry.

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Luther M. Siler

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10 thoughts on “What we need … is a video

  1. I’m not a video person. For some reason I feel the need to do something useful instead. Reading doesn’t have the same ‘time-wasting’ feeling, even if it takes longer.
    Glad you got something out of the conference – I don’t think furniture selling is a long-term solution tho. Maybe you could change one [small] thing per term?
    P. S. I offer a supportive Ethostream..
    P. P. S. Roundabouts are much cooler than crossroads (except in rush hour)

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