An experiment

So.  Uh.  The first day of school was today, and Open House and the first teacher day were yesterday, and Aretha fucking Franklin died today, and all of those things are sort of rattling around in my head and clamoring for my attention and demanding to be blogged about, and those are probably coming, don’t get me wrong, but instead?  This:

Every so often I get asked about whether I’ve got my books available on audio, and I have to say no.  And that’s always sort of stuck in my craw, and a couple of times I’ve tried to get auditions at Audible and not really gotten anywhere– I got a few submissions for Benevolence Archives, Vol. 1 when I tried it the first time, and I think I was probably being a bit too picky about the voice, and at any rate right now I have no one knocking down my door to record my books for me.

But I’ve got this professional-quality microphone right here on my desk, not being used often enough for the money I spent for it, and so screw it, I recorded one of the stories from Balremesh and other stories myself, and I don’t know a thing about audio or audiobooks so maybe you give this a listen and let me know if it sucks or not?  Be as brutal as you like; I’ve got no ego about it.  If I suck, I’d like to be stopped from doing it again.  🙂

(One thing, tho: there is going to be a volume difference between the introduction and the actual story.  I didn’t necessarily put it there on purpose, but once I realized it was there I left it in because I wasn’t sure if people would prefer one recording level over another and I figured that might be useful data.  So if you have a preference, or if one is way too loud or way too quiet, let me know.)

ALSO:  If you were one of my Patrons, you’d have had access to this for a couple of weeks now!  Wanna join the coolest group of Patrons on the planet?  You can, for just a buck a month!

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5 thoughts on “An experiment

  1. Too fast; think like an old man around the fire telling the story to the youngers. Tone and speed have the most effect.
    There are also places to help with ends of chapters, scenes, etc. how much time to leave, the way to come into the new space … and I’d recommend listening to a few so you can pick up the differences. Be wary of the end of session clicks and background noises.
    Need to remember the differences in ‘voice’ of each character who gets a moment to speak.
    Need more spacing between words. Sorry, but it feels very rushed, and it lost some of the emotional tension through that.


  2. How does the old saying go? “If you want something done right you have to do it yourself!” Personally, I feel inspired when authors (or any creative) go the extra length for their work.

    As for the recording, I enjoyed it. Maybe controlling the pacing a bit (like speeding up during tense moments and a steady pace during neutral moments), but I still thought it was awesome. You definitely have the voice for it 👏


  3. I listened to this with the other half; who I managed to get hooked on your books.
    It’s a nice idea, but unfortunately, there are certain words, mostly names of things, we can’t make out.
    The other thing is the pacing felt off in certain places.
    Sorry Luther!

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