On being 1/90 through the year


My kid started first grade today, and I finished the second day of the school year.  He’s gonna lose a tooth this weekend, I think.  So: milestoney?  Grammarly doesn’t think that’s a word, but I don’t have to care what Grammarly thinks.

I have received three hundred and fourteen emails since Monday, and I have responded to or properly dealt with every single one of them.  

I am sleepy as hell.

I will make cogent observations over the course of the weekend, I think.  There is also a Patreon story coming and quite possibly also a new installment of Creepy Children’s Programming Reviews, because holy shit, this new show the boy just found.

Also: the image to the right is one of the results when you GIS the fraction 1/90.  Pickings are kinda slim for that, as you might imagine. But Rob Liefeld and his starburst crotches and complete lack of understanding of perspective (my god) and anatomy can embiggen the smallest post, right?

Go have a Friday night, y’all.

EDIT:  I can’t stop staring at that goddamn picture, and the longer I look at it, the more terrible things I see.  Here, have it enlarged:


My God how did this man get paid to draw?  

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