The most exciting thing that happened today was that I was driving home minding my own business and all the sudden everything was on fire. That’s not a joke; there was a series of brushfires on the side of the road over the course of a mile or two, at least three total, assuming none of them had grown together, and one of them had not been noticed by the fire department yet. Today was, to be honest, dreadfully boring, although it wasn’t actively insulting or anything– we just had more time available to spend in our rooms than I was expecting and I really didn’t have that much to do, as I got caught up on my grading over the weekend pretty thoroughly. So other than the parts where I was trying to not be on fire or impede the fire department, I was falling asleep, and I decided to not go to the comic shop today because the notion of driving back out there after picking the boy up just felt like a lot of work.

Still on a weird spate of not sleeping well, too, so I’m really going to try and fix that tonight.

In other news, they’re telling me to expect another winter storm Thursday night to Friday morning, so of course I’m trying to convince myself Friday will be a snow day. It won’t. It’s March. There are no snow days in March, it’s a rule.

In which I am melted

It is probably a good indicator of my current mental state that I just had to spend a solid couple of minutes looking at the front page of this here blog and my watch in order to determine whether I’d taken one day off from posting or two. Indeed, the answer was one, as today is the third, which means that if I posted on the first (which I did), taking one day off would mean that the numbers added up right.

That was very complicated math, and it took a while.

(stares into space for ten minutes, glances at phone)


Taking tonight off

yeah, okay, my posts have kinda been taking the whole week off, but I started a new job this week, gimme a break. Well, last week. Also my eyes are dilated from the eye doctor and my vision is not exactly optimal so I’m just kinda hoping everything is spelled right and trusting my typing fingers.

Also, I almost spent $250 on the Lego typewriter earlier today, and if anyone wants to buy me the Lego typewriter that would be cool.

New furniture coming tomorrow, so at the very least you ought to get pictures of it.

I have been sitting at my computer for an hour

and I haven’t done a damned thing, so I’m going to go read a book. Happy Friday!

In which it is not Friday

… no matter how many times I get the day wrong, today is not Friday, and tomorrow therefore is not Saturday. Today is Thursday, so it’s not payday and my wife is not making a grocery run tomorrow, and I am going to see most if not all of the same co-workers I saw today while I am at work tomorrow. Because just because it’s a teacher record day tomorrow and we do not have kids does not actually transform Thursday into Friday, regardless of how much I might really, really want it to.

… and I’ve been staring off into space for a good twenty minutes, so apparently this fact has broken my brain.