In which the Internet replaces my bad ideas with good ones

It has been about ten years since my last tattoo.  I have six of them right now, two of which are invisible under normal lighting, so maybe I should just say I have four.  I have been thinking about the next tattoo for a decade and still don’t have it.  I want a new tattoo, dammit!  My arms are bare!

The problem is I’m really picky and I need an idea to be great for a while.  I’ve turned on a lot of ideas that I thought were good at first.  Most of my tattoos are literary in nature, so variations on these have come up.  One of them I’ve even talked about in a previous post:

Hunter Thompson is one of my favorite authors, but lots of people have that tattoo already– which, I admit, didn’t stop me with my Lord of the Rings tattoo.  But two tattoos that I know I’ve already seen on other people?  Is kind of a problem, which makes the Hitchhiker’s Guide image an issue as well despite the fact that that book has also been a favorite for nearly my entire life.  And the one with the pencil is a nice mix of a politics tattoo and a writer tattoo, which I like, but I’ve been thinking about something similar to that image for over a year and I haven’t pulled the trigger yet so I don’t think I ever will do it at this point.

Which brings me to this, an image I know good and goddamn well no one else has:


That’s the symbol of Azamoeg, and it shows up a lot in the Benevolence Archives books– I actually use it as a section divider in the print versions of Sanctum and BA Vol. 1.  I designed the damn thing myself, so I know nobody else has used it.  And I can have an actual artist jazz it up a bit too, if I want to.

But I’m not in love with that idea either.

So.  Internet, do your thing.  Find my next tattoo!

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