I’m so damn tired

Sixteen thousand steps yesterday, along with unloading a sofa truck, and another eight thousand today, on what was supposed to be a half day, and the managers have begun rather conspicuously training me in management stuff as of today as well.  This was a 50-hour week.  It would have been better had sales not been crap; as it turns out, the week after Labor Day isn’t the greatest time to expect folks to come out and buy furniture.

Point is, once I was finally home at 6, with a car full of new flooring for my dining room (because, sure, we have time for that new project, and I have time to learn how to lay flooring) there was nothing to do but sit in my recliner and stare at the wall and idly work on crossword puzzles on my iPad.

I have been spending a lot of time doing crossword puzzles lately.  Apparently I’m 90 now. And possibly a woman.  I associate fondness for crossword puzzles with women.  Is that a thing, or just another way I’m weird?

My main goal for tomorrow is to not go back to sleep when I get home from dropping the boy off.  Secondary goal is to vacuum.  If I manage that, we’ll think about doing something interesting.


Also, this might be the greatest book cover in the history of humanity.  It’s the question mark that does it for me.  I don’t even know why I bother writing when there is genius work like this out there:


EDIT: Guys, after additional research, I’m gonna need one of you to take the hit and order this thing.  I’ll send you a free print copy of any of my three novels (novels, because I’m out of copies of BA 1) if you download this piece of magnificence and tell me about it.  Please:

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 8.22.53 PM.png

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      1. Yes, I sort of want to read it, because I have a brain quirk that causes me to ENJOY proofreading/line editing stuff and fixing all the punctuation glitches, wonky capitalization, awkward sentence structure, bizarre word choices… On the other hand, I don’t want to PAY to read something so bad — and also, I find the subject matter distasteful.


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