In case you ever thought I was normal or well-adjusted

img_4691Today, I left work so that I could go to a nearby clothing store and purchase a new shirt and tie, because the cut of the sleeves on the polo shirt I had on was driving me bugfuck insane.  The polo shirt has been relegated to the Goodwill pile.  The new tie is quite nice.

Oh, and also, the a/c was out.  It’s astonishing how hot 83 degrees feels when it’s inside and there’s nothing you can do to get away from it.  I drank, conservatively, probably three gallons of water over the course of the day.  I peed once.

Also, I tilt my head back during selfies not because I was raised by hiphop music and think it looks badass but because otherwise I have like nine hundred chins.

The thing behind me is called the gooster.  I have had it since I was fifteen.  Perhaps some day I will tell its story.

I’m going to take a shower and go to bed now.

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