In which I’m still here, I guess


It’s been six days since I wrote a post of any kind, since all the A to Z posts ending today were all written on the same day.  Why?  I haven’t had shit to say, really.  In fact, for the last several days I haven’t written anything at all other than a scattered email or two and some Tweets.  I’d love to have a good reason for it.  I don’t.  I have a few posts that I could write, but the couple of times I’ve sat down to try it hasn’t happened.

“I need to get my shit together again,” he said, wondering why it sounded familiar.

5 thoughts on “In which I’m still here, I guess

  1. My posts about writer’s block are always popular, but my post about existential dread has gotten at least 1530 views since I posted it at the end of January. If that makes you feel any better. I suspect we are all in the same single-oared boat when it comes to writing.


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