#Weekendcoffeeshare: Ass O’Clock in the Morning edition


If we were having coffee, it would have to be quick this time around– we have the first of two Thanksgivings today, one of my oldest friends is in town, and I got shit to do this morning, since I didn’t manage to get the kitchen fit for human habitation last night and I still haven’t confirmed that our cord-cut television set can handle the footballing that everyone seems so concerned about this afternoon.

It’s been a good week, short of a fairly major medication-related flare-up yesterday, and while I haven’t gotten as much done on Sunlight as pure wordcount might indicate I’ve been pretty happy with what I’ve created.  We’d also spend some time talking about that Syria post, which has picked up three hundred more Facebook shares since I went to bed last night (currently at 1300) and may be actually legitimately going viral now rather than just being Really Damn Popular.  As I said yesterday, I’m waiting to see if Reddit gets ahold of it.  So far, no, but Facebook is pushing it just fine on its own.

This week’s going to be crazy busy, too, what with Actual Thanksgiving on Thursday (that’ll be my wife’s family) and exhibiting at Starbase Indy on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afterwards.  If you happen to live in the Indianapolis area I insist that you come and see me.  I also have to spend some time grading tomorrow one way or another; we’re in “Suck it up, buttercup” mode on that right now and it just has to be done.

Another thing that’s happened this week: it’s been a week to get in touch with old professors, find out that they still remember me, and promise to send them copies of Searching for Malumba, which is another thing I need to make sure to do this weekend.  I should have ordered more copies of Malumba; with the three I currently have promised to professors (one of whom is going to be at SBI giving a talk, awesomely enough, and doesn’t know she’s getting a book yet) I only have three to actually sell at the convention.  Selling out of books is a good problem to have, mind you, but I’d rather have enough stock on hand, and CreateSpace ain’t getting me more on that kind of timeline.

Oh, also, it’s snowing.

How was your week?

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7 thoughts on “#Weekendcoffeeshare: Ass O’Clock in the Morning edition

  1. I’m content right now, watching a horror movie before my old-enough-to-understand-it littler one awakens. I’m thinking how nice a little snow will be, and hoping some might fall when I visit my hometown next month … and how good it would be if your Syria post did go viral.


  2. I’m glad we’re not doing the multiple-Thanksgiving thing. Christmas is always rather involved, so we try to keep things simple for Thanksgiving.

    Hope all goes well.

    One of these days you’ll make your way to a signing in New Orleans or somewhere around here, and I’ll make my way over there. 🙂


  3. Outstanding on the Syria post.

    Here? Wrll, vacation had begun as we have a full week time. Writing and revamping after I finish work stuff, work stuff happens even during a break, but meh. With any luck a mellow holiday with family and friends.


  4. Sounds like a perfectly wonderful week and a perfectly wonderful life – at least for now, right?! Congratulations on your book and your exhibit, as well as your viral Syria post! Happy Sunday!


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