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UnknownI have The Benevolence Archives, Vol. 1 set up for auditions on Audible, if anyone out there fancies themselves a narrator.  I’ve actually already received one audition for it, which surprised me. The guy had a wonderful voice, but his timing didn’t feel right for this book.  I could listen to dude read nonfiction all day, though.

I will probably have all three books up by the end of the week, because it looks like it’s possible to do them as a straight revenue share– in other words, I wrote the thing, someone else records it, and we split the royalties when the audiobook sells.  Right now I think I’d prefer to do it that way than “buy” a narrator– after all, I don’t make any money off my books if they don’t sell either.  (If you’re a narrator, and that bothers you, let me know, because I haven’t really thought through the ethics of this.  Each of us getting a cut of the royalties seems fair to me, though.)

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  1. Kara Jorgensen

    Awesome =) I did royalty share as well for my narrator. I found my guy. I would suggest maybe not putting all 3 up if 2 are from the same series. If you want the same narrator for the whole series, it may be easier to upload them one at a time as he/she does them. I don’t know if ACX limits how many projects a narrator has, but if the timeline is off (which is what happened with my guy after he had real life issues), it can lock them out of the system.

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    1. They’re all up right now. I thought about holding off on SANCTUM, but the narrator of SKYLIGHTS is a male and I didn’t specify a gender for BA 1, so I figured I’d specify a female narrator for SANCTUM. Hopefully it doesn’t come back to bite me.

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