writingMy boss seems to think that my school year will be ending on Friday; I disagree and think I’ll need at least a couple of days next week, but one way or another it doesn’t look like I’ll be going until July like I originally thought.  This is good, as I’m chomping at the bit to get moving on a couple of projects.  All of the following are slated for some serious movement in the next few weeks:

  • Essay collation (no editing, rewriting, or new material yet) for Searching for Malumba, still planned to be my fall release.  I did some work on this already but not much.
  • I’m starting the Skylights sequel, currently tentatively titled Starlight.  I probably need to spend a couple of days in research mode before I write anything at all but I really want to get moving so maybe I’ll just fix up the science later.  Starlight is currently slated for early 2016 but who knows.
  • At least one Benevolence Archives short story, this one for submission to Lightspeed magazine.  Once Lightspeed rejects it it’ll become the first story for the next Benevolence Archives book, which will be another short story collection, tentatively called Tales from the Benevolence Archives.  Release date?  Who the hell knows.

Also, during the first weekend in July I’ll be signing and selling books in Creators’ Alley at InConJunction in Indianapolis.  It’s a three-day con, and tickets are cheap, and the last day of the con is my birthday, so everyone ought to come by and say hello.

Sometime in there maybe I’ll look for a job, too.  Whee!

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