So, yeah…

I am literally only posting this because as far as I know I haven’t missed a day in 2015 yet.  I’m sick enough that I just went to urgent care for drugs.  And now I’m going to go to sleep.  For like the fourth time today.

Last night, delirious, I wrote an entire BENEVOLENCE ARCHIVES story.  I remembered none of it when I woke up.  Maybe tonight I’ll have a dream with a typewriter in it.

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10 thoughts on “So, yeah…

  1. Feel better, Luther – we’ll all be here when you return. I mean, really, if you need a few days, take them – blogging is not the most important thing in the world, even if some of us feel that way sometimes.

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  2. Hope you feel better soon! I came down with the flu the beginning of May and still do not feel right.


  3. I would hope you feel better, but maybe I should just hope you write down the story next time?
    But seriously, feel better 🙂


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