Stuff they don’t train you for

I mentioned earlier that we discovered late last week that a close family member of two of our boys was recently found murdered.  The guy who killed her went to the cops and confessed and then led them to her body.  (Fun fact: he’s pleading innocent.  Figure that out.)

Bad enough, right?

Found out today that we also have relatives of the murderer in the building.  And that the various parties are reacting to each other… predictably.

When you take classes in ed school, they do not tell you what to do when the uncle of one student has murdered the sister of another student.

erwThat’s kinda heavy, so let me leave you with this: have you heard of the Charlie Charlie Challenge?  If not, stop reading this immediately, because you don’t need stupidity of this magnitude in your brain.

You’re still here, aren’t you?  Last warning.

Okay, fine.  The Charlie Charlie Challenge works thusly: Divide a piece of paper into four quadrants.  Write “Yes” in two of them and “No” in the other two.  Balance one pencil atop another in a roughly perpendicular fashion.  Ask the “Mexican demon” known as “Charlie Charlie” a question.

This part’s critical: Be too stupid to remember that gravity exists.

Then scream.

We had eight fucking kids in the office across three different incidents about this fucking nonsense yesterday, and from what I’m hearing, it’s nationwide.

Teenagers are morons.

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  1. My mom used to work as a teacher, and once she told me there was a boy in one of her classes with a gun on the table. He was the son of a mafia group and no one could do anything about him: neither teachers, director of the school nor the directors of education department in Municipality or even the minister himself. So she had to teach, with a gun on the table, without a sign of fear that he might kill someone in the class.. Horrible experience! But things happen and as you said no one teaches you how to react in such cases, all you do is follow your gut instinct


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