In which I am weird (grown)

707559651174242853I’m at home right now, typing this on my desktop.  Why am I not at work, you ask?  Because I’ve taken the morning off– not because I want to write, which would be responsible, or play video games, which would be fun, but because I have to go inspect a local school in half an hour with the possibility of placing my son there next year in mind.

Because I am an adult and I have a child and he requires an education, which I am required to make important decisions about.


3 thoughts on “In which I am weird (grown)

  1. A similar situation twenty years ago sent my husband into a homeschooling tailspin. I don’t regret our homeschooling adventures, but neither do I lightly recommend them. So good luck, and know whatever the schools are like, the alternative is spending the next two decades ankle deep in craft paper. 😉


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