Maybe think twice before you do that

baddecisions_10d830_3567715So, this is interesting.  I’m fairly certain that the campaign manager of the candidate for City Clerk whose mailing I criticized the other day has made an incredibly ill-advised attempt to start shit with me on Facebook.  At the moment it’s just a couple of posts, to which I have responded in what I’ve come to think of as my I’m Being Gentle Right Now but It Won’t Last Much Longer tone.  The follow-up to IBGRNbIWLML is I Have Fourteen Thousand Followers Between My Blog and Twitter; Do You Want the Internet Dropped On Your Head Two Days Before the Election?

That one may need a snappier name.

At any rate, I’m hoping that the silly people recognize that antagonizing voters before a low-turnout primary election is a real bad idea and back off.  We’ll see.

Stuff what I wanna do today: I have tickets to Age of Ultron at 3:00, and the wife and I plan to have dinner together somewhere civilized afterward; there is a final wrap-up A to Z post to write, and I’d like to spend some time planning out what’s next in what I’m pretending is my writing career.

Speaking of that:  my story for the Swords v. Cthulhu anthology made it to the final round but was rejected.  It is, at the moment, directly Cthulhu-linked.  In other words, it directly references Shub-Niggurath, as you might expect from a story entitled Warrior Jayashree and the Young.  It’ll therefore need a touch of rewriting before I can submit it to other markets.

Or I could just post it here.  I haven’t posted any short fiction in a while. What say you?

7 thoughts on “Maybe think twice before you do that

  1. My story for Swords v. Cthulhu anthology was rejected at first round, I think. Since then, it was resubmitted somewhere else and carried on with its Dragon Age like vibe, because I already wrote 2 more short stories in the universe and have a few more planned. 🙂


  2. I hope to see Age of Ultron sometime today, too. (And afterward I’ll return home and hide for the rest of the week because of sensory overload and stuff, but whatever. It’ll be worth it.)

    I think you should post your short story here. Rewriting it to remove the direct references would also remove some of the Cthulhu Mythos charm.


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