f9dlsdmhyszjltaqdzt2Spring Break, motherfuckers.

So … uh … yeah.  That’s what I’ve got.  That’s my party moment, right there.  I managed, miraculously, to get my desk entirely cleared before leaving work today, so I’ve got nothing hanging over my head from school other than some light filing when I get back.  That’s exciting.

I have a crapton of stuff that I either need to do or really ought to do over the break.  The bathroom needs finishing, and I’ve got my first signing coming very soon after the break ends, and I’m committed to doing it right, so I’ve got a lot of promotional material to create and/or order between now and then and basically all of it has to be done over the next week.  Plus I need to get the final version of the book out to my betas so there’s at least a chance of some reviews being ready on the 28th.

What I really want to do is spend the next week playing video games.  I’ve got Pillars of Eternity on my computer already, and I’ve been playing it in terribly small bits over the week or so since I downloaded it.  I loved the old Baldur’s Gate games, and it feels like a more than worthy update to the playstyle.  I should have some time over the next week to put a couple of real sessions into it, not just 20-minute chunks, and I’m looking forward to it.

Also, I really want to buy Bloodborne, which would be an incredibly stupid idea, because I already have one video game to play as is and oh also it’s supposed to be really hard and I will be terrible at it and hate it and stop playing after a couple of hours and I will have wasted sixty bucks.  The fact that I know this and I’m still fighting off the urge to go buy it right now indicates a very real problem with my mental health.

How’re you?

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  1. It’s Good Friday, the kids are on holidays for 2 weeks and I’m trying to write despite a constant headache because my neck is out.
    But my kids are coming home today for a bit before their father takes them away to their holiday house for a week. ^_^

    YAY for a clear desk!


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