#ATOZCHALLENGE, Day 2: Boogie Down Productions

BArtist: Boogie Down Productions
Best Album: Edutainment
Best Song: Blackman In Effect
This Letter Could Have Been About: The Beastie Boys, Brother Ali, Big Daddy Kane, Big L, Biz Markie, Black Sheep, Blackalicious, Blue Scholars, Bone-Thugz-n-Harmony,  Brand Nubian, Busta Rhymes

Why I’m Writing About This Artist: Because KRS-ONE, whose name stands for Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone, crawled into my brain in the mid-1980s, took it over, and never left.  KRS basically is Boogie Down Productions, and his last thousand albums or so have been solo albums– BDP hasn’t had a release since 1992’s Sex and Violence, but KRS-ONE has had a release or two just about every year since then.  I am not exaggerating when I tell you that this man had more influence on my mental development and my worldview than any other living human being, and the fastest way to understand me is to start mainlining BDP songs.  Imagine being a twelve year old white kid and getting hit with the video below.  Then imagine what happens next.

Have a video!:

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