#atozchallenge Theme Reveal!

(I may have done this already, but this post makes it official!)

atoz-theme-reveal-2015My theme for the A to Z Challenge will be…

Hiphop that You Should Be Listening To.

Each post is going to feature one artist or group, a few other names of artists who that day could have been dedicated to talking about, a bit of information about why you ought to be listening to them, and one video to give you a head start.  I’ve got the posts created already, and am hoping to get all of them written in the next few days.  (Actually, I’m writing this on the 15th, so hopefully by the time you see this, they’ll be done.)

Important: this is not The Best Hiphop Artists, or The Most Important Hiphop Artists, or anything like that.  It’s all music I like, with one exception, the accursed letter V, and you can probably already figure out who that is.  I skip over massively important musicians to spotlight people I like more, or who had more influence on me, or came around at a more important time in my life.  The clearest example of this is the letter F, I think, at least so far.  But it’s all good stuff.  Feel free to explore the “other artists” section as much as you want to find more.  🙂


I promise.

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11 thoughts on “#atozchallenge Theme Reveal!

  1. Luther, looking forward to your posts and checking out some new music. Hip-hop is not my favorite, but I do like all kinds of music and can almost always find something an artist has done that I like. I have half my posts for April written and plan to finish them this week. Good luck!

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  2. Wow, this was a very unique and unexpected theme! Looking forward to seeing your posts! 🙂


  3. This looks like great fun and exactly the kind of writing activity I love to do. I wonder if you can help, though. I signed up, but as a total techno-peasant I’m not sure what comes next. It mentioned grabbing a sticker to put in my sidebar? What does that even mean? How do I announce it to my readers the way you just did? Frankly, all I know how to do is write.

    I’m asking you because you seem competent and because, since you were kind enough to ‘like’ my very first blog post, I follow you.

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