Oh I’m Just SO Excited About Today

1250675188_family_guy_barfingYesterday was long and crappy and entirely unworthy of the title of “Sunday,” and I’m in the classroom all day today– 7th graders, no less– so I’m far from convinced that today will be better.  In fact the entire week is not looking encouraging at all.

Blargh.  Post some kittens in comments or something.

7 thoughts on “Oh I’m Just SO Excited About Today

  1. johnberk

    This seems as a good start of the week. For me, it all started to be crappy on Saturday, when we did our typical bar crawl, which finished around ted the next day. I still feel a slight headache and I ate just soup today. Despite drinking high quality lagers, I don’t think I will be drinking alcohol any time soon.

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