Holy cats am I tired

…so I’m just going to point out that this is a thing on Goodreads now, just, y’know, in case that might be interesting information to you.  Because, who knows, it might be, right?  There may be a detail or two on there that as of yet has not been public knowledge.

Also, I don’t think I mentioned this here yesterday, but SKYLIGHTS picked up its sixth Amazon review yesterday, and it’s a five-star.  It’s not the most verbose review I’ve ever gotten but I’m still quite fond of it.  (Reeeeeead SKYYYYLIIIIIGHTS.  You’ll LIIIIIIIKE IIIIITTT…)

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14 thoughts on “Holy cats am I tired

  1. Good god, Luther. Your promotional instincts know no bounds!

    I am basically just leaving graffiti on your thread right now because hey, one more comment makes it easier for the next person that comes along to chime in, right?

    I am not on Goodreads but know people who are, and just based on how they feel about their Goodreads lives, I think this is a good move.

    Also, I am exhausted too. But soldiering on.

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          1. Print version of Skylights is available in the UK. I am still in the old-fashioned mind-set and my tiny publishing company uses a European printer. I am also the distributor, hence ebook for the rest of the world (though i have posted to Australia and USA). I’d better adapt.


        1. Actually, let me give you a bit more detail: BA 1 will be eventually available in print, either bundled with the novel in April or sometime next year with the second short story collection. The most likely scenario is bundled with the novel. I’m also considering bundling it with the ebook, which will not change the cost– it’ll be $4.95 no matter what.

          And I know you’re talking ebook, but if you ever want a print copy of my books and you can’t get them in the UK just let me know via email and we’ll work something out.


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