Station Identification, Nov. 5 2022

This used to be a whole thing that I did every week, and I got out of the habit several years ago, when it stopped being as important to me that everyone who follows me here also follows me everywhere else. However, I figure that what with the entire social media universe in complete upheaval at the moment, it’s probably useful to start doing it again at least occasionally.

Note that my Linktree has convenient links to literally every single one of these places if you’d like to just click on that and save yourself trouble, but I’m going to go through everything anyway.

  • The big one is my blog,, and you’re already here unless you’re looking at this through some sort of RSS thing, and I don’t even know if you can do that. The blog turns 10 next year, I own it, and while I go through periods of more and less frequent posting, I’m not going anywhere, and coming here will be the most reliable place to find me for the foreseeable future.
  • Second most-active is my YouTube gaming channel, I almost shut this down once and then decided against it, and right now I’m back to having fun with it. It’s also the account that I’m most interested in growing, so if you aren’t subscribed you really should go click on it. You’ve got a YouTube account already even if you’re not using it so you may as well subscribe to me. ūüôā
  • I still have ten thousand followers on Twitter and still post there regularly, although that follower count has dropped by a few hundred this week due to Shenanigans. Be aware that my Twitter is considerably more profane and more political than my presence here, if that’s something that might bother you, although I also do a lot of book discovery over there. I will genuinely miss Twitter if it dies.
  • I don’t post on TikTok as often as I used to but I’m still reasonably active over there and it’s still a huge Goddamn time sink.
  • Everyone should follow me on Goodreads even though I don’t use the social features there at all. Just, like, do it. I have 712 friends over there and they all found me. I don’t know anywhere near 712 people.
  • I just started a Discord server today, just for the hell of it. There’s really nothing there at the moment but that link will allow anyone to join if they want, assuming I set it up correctly.
  • OKAY THIS ONE I’M SERIOUS ABOUT: I just started playing with Duolingo recently and while it’s not quite a social media network, if you’re using it I’d love some more friends. Right now I’m doing Spanish, Japanese, Arabic and Welsh simultaneously and I’m enjoying the hell out of myself.
  • I have also started accounts on Mastodon and Tribel, and right now I don’t know a Goddamn thing about either of them and Tribel in particular looks like it’s going to be something I quickly walk away from, but those seem to be the two most common destinations for Twitter refugees at the moment so I’m giving them a shot. If you’re over there, hit me up.

So. Yeah. Follow me! On all the things! And if there are other places I should be checking out, let me know!

Here we go again

I love how the panorama effect makes my classroom look much deeper than it actually is, and the fact that the lights changed color a couple of times while I was … panorama-ing … is kind of neat too. But basically that’s all I’ve managed to do so far, is get the lights up. The desks are absolutely not staying in that configuration, but I want something new this year and I haven’t come up with the new look yet. I do like how the lights look, though, and when they’re off and the regular lights are on you can barely tell they’re there, which is also nice. That white bag in the middle of the picture is full of stuff from the teacher store that needs to go up.

And, just for the hell of it, no pressure, no nothing, here’s my classroom Amazon wish list. If any of you happen to have discretionary income piling up with nowhere to go, even a couple of boxes of pencils would be massively appreciated, and I genuinely mean that. (And, in all seriousness, if you were to get one thing on that list, it’d be pencils. We go through so many pencils.)

I need to rewrite every policy I have, redo the class website, and ten thousand other things, and I’m also in a weird place where despite knowing all of that– after nineteen years, you can imagine some of this shit should be muscle memory– I feel like I have no idea what to do. I’m kind of reconceptualizing what’s going to go on the walls this year, where I only want to put things up there if I think the kids are going to actually look at them once in a while. So, what does that look like?

Dunno. I got a week to think about it, I guess.

Sunday morning Patreon bleg

UnknownInstead of the usual biweekly Station Identification post, let’s do this:¬†My Patreon site is four days old and I’m already up to five Patrons, which is both more people¬†and more money than I was imagining before I put it up. ¬†That said, I’m gonna be pushing this hard around here for at least a week.

Enjoy this blog? ¬†Enjoy my work? ¬†Consider sending me a dollar or two a month through my Patreon site, where Patrons gain access to exclusive short stories and microfictions, early access to novels (and, at the $15 level, free autographed books!) and much more! ¬†There’s a brand new, e-reader ready Jayashree story up right now! ¬†My Patrons are persons of refined taste and superior intellect. ¬†You want to be a person of refined taste and superior intellect, right? ¬†Click here!

So uh

If anyone were to write an effusive review of¬†Balremesh and Other Stories on Amazon tonight (or your website, or wherever, so long as I see it) there’s a good chance you’ll end up blurbed on the back cover of the print edition. ¬†Just sayin’.


It’s been a really long day and I’m tired and my sales have been utter shit this week and¬†Iron Fist is still a really impressively bad show and¬†oh man do I have some complaints for once I’ve finished watching the damn thing because God forbid I just¬†stop.

Go buy a book and cheer me up. ¬†Or, hell, download one for free. ¬†I don’t even care which. ¬†Don’t make me beg. ¬†Because I totally will.