im0lgrix8xkvpnj8k47hI’m in the recliner again.

SECOND MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT:  all story-writin’ for “The Benevolence Archives: Volume One” is finished, meaning that all that is left is an editing pass or two and also the (hopefully) not terribly complicated step of figuring out just how in the hell one turns a document file into a competent-looking ebook and then it’ll actually be available for sale!  I will, obviously, be letting y’all know repeatedly well in advance of the actual release date, so keep your eyes peeled here.

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THIRD MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT:  I have survived Standardized Testing Hell Week, and thus will do my damnedest to avoid mentioning it (other than announcing that I’m going to avoid mentioning it) for at least a few weeks.

FOURTH MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT:  Holy crap the new Call of Duty trailer looks cool.  I haven’t played a Call of Duty game in years and I haven’t liked a Call of Duty game since years before that, but dayum.

FIFTH MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT:  “Dayum” and “datum” aren’t the same word, stupid autocorrect.

SIXTH MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT:  I can’t remember what #6 was supposed to be, and my wife and son just got home, so maybe there will be another post tonight!  Woo!

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  1. […] Just for a chuckle, check out this post or this one by Infintefreetime. Interesting, short and funny or unpredictable, his posts are something I never miss. I think the variety is part of the appeal but I think there’s some wizard magic in there too–and possibly a unicorn or two. An interesting aside, the author of Infinitefreetime has written a book titled “The Benevolence Archives: Volume One” and is coming soon. If it’s anything like his blog, it’s sure to be an instant hit. Check out more information here. […]


  2. Want to host your own site? My friend set mine up for me, and I haven’t sold any books. I don’t think it’s her fault. I think one has to do a lot of crap to be a competent internet marketer. I can sell lots of flesh and blood books, but I haven’t figured out how to do electronic ones yet. If you want my friend’s name, she’s a professional programmer and teaches computers in college.


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