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Today was very nearly my first skip day in several months until my wife pointed out just now that there was nothing stopping me from a one-liner before bed.  This may still be my last post until I get back from DC; even by my standards I am going to be incredibly busy between now and next Tuesday– tomorrow, in addition for all the things you might imagine I have to do on the night before a four-day trip with thirty thirteen- and fourteen-year-olds, is fucking parent teacher conferences– and I love y’all but there are only so many hours in the day.  I will genuinely try and get that HIMYM post up– yes, still angry– but I’m SO not making promises.

I demand that each and every one of you read through my entire archives.  Also, click here for a random post if you like.

(Oh!  Worth pointing out– I went to see my student who is in the hospital after school today.  She’s fine, for values of “fine” that include “in the hospital with several broken bones after being hit by a car.”  She was sitting in a chair in her room when I got there and not only didn’t appear to be in any pain but was actually more or less her usual chipper self– which makes absolutely no sense to me because her mother described her pelvis as “crushed” when we were talking about her injuries.  I either don’t know what “crushed” means or don’t quite understand how the pelvis works, because I feel like if that bone got crushed sitting in a chair would be incredibly painful.  But perhaps that’s why I’m a middle school math teacher and not a doctor.)

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5 thoughts on “Yeah, right

  1. They give you some awesome pain meds in the hospital. When my brother’s arm was broken it was doing a right angle in the wrong direction and after they got him in a cast and all doped up he wanted to go throw a baseball with me.


  2. O.M.G.
    First things first. Awesome post – really (I’ve read a lot of them this week).
    Just do what you have to do to get through the DC thing.
    Your wife sounds cool. Mine is fond of my one-liners.
    I agree with you about the pelvis.
    Came over to see what you were up to because I realized it’s been awhile since I visited, so I am going to tweet you a shoutout now, just for fun!! Hehehe.


  3. Enjoy your trip! In Australia we’re on holidays- I hope you’re in DC for holidays too! Hope your student recovers well.


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