A quick trip anecdote…

…Because I am entirely too tired for a long one. My best moment so far on this trip has been at the White House. As you may know, there has been a long running continuous protest against nuclear weaponry going on outside the White House for well over 30 years. Upon being told what it was and what was going on, the vast majority of my students virtually ignored the White House to go over and speak with the protester for a while. Some of them even had pictures taken with him, and asked a number of good questions. He talked with my group for nearly 10 minutes while hundreds if not thousands of other people walked past him, scoffed, or otherwise ignored him. And he complimented me personally on how well engaged and polite they were after I had to shoo them away so that we could go to our next place.

I don’t say it enough, but I’m really really proud of my kids.

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5 thoughts on “A quick trip anecdote…

  1. And well you should be! Your students sound eager to see and experience the world. This comes from having a teacher give them freedom to express themselves while learning. (I believe you can be proud of yourself as well.)

    Enjoy the rest of the trip!


  2. This post made my day too. If you have helped them to engage with the world you have done America a great favour – and (more importantly) given the kids a great start in life. Congratulations!


  3. That is so perfect for any of the honors kids on your trip. They just finished reading “Bomb,” a book all about the people involved in the development of and controversy surrounding the first atomic bomb. Now they have some first hand experience to add yo what they have read.


  4. You should be proud of kids who act like that. If you had any part in teaching them those decision making-skills, good job.

    Thank you for posting this for me to find right this minute. I’m catching up with my peeps, and this is a ray of sunshine for me after one long, miserable week.


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