Things I am not in the mood for

1920452_10152214132463926_293339829_nTeaching is for stupidheads.


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13 thoughts on “Things I am not in the mood for

  1. I’m not a teacher, but I like reading your posts about teaching, your feelings about standardized testing, and your students. They’re interesting but they also make me slightly uncomfortable. Do you worry that what you write on your blog might jeopardize your job? I just read about an art teacher Emily Steinberg who lost her job because of something she wrote on her blog. She was happy about it though.


    1. Generally, no. I take pains to anonymize my school and never use anyone’s actual name– any time I mention a student, that’s a pseudonym. My own name is nowhere on the blog; “Luther Siler” is a pen name. And, for the matter, I’m unionized, and not for nothing– so good luck firing me for something I wrote anonymously on my own time. I’m not dumb enough (and I couldn’t anyway because of filtering software) to write on my blog FROM work.

      Plus my boss reads the blog on a regular basis. I suspect I’d hear from him with a quickness if I wrote something that he thought was problematic.

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  2. I used to want to be an English teacher. You’ve pretty much solidified my reasons not to. I think I’d lose my mind.


    1. I love teaching writing. I absolutely HATE grading it. Hate hate hate hate HATE. I think I’d be a great writing teacher so long as everyone agreed in advance that anybody who actually participated got an A and that was all there was to it. The grading load on English teachers is pure madness.

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  3. Doing math is only marginally different. And by that, I mean that in order to reduce the amount of paper in my piles, I tell my students to write in the margins.


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