This isn’t normal

Depending on how you count, since we were actually married on February 29, my wife and I will celebrate fifteen years of marriage … sometime this week. Or at least we should. We have no ideas, and no presents have been purchased. I tried to float the idea of going to Chicago and having dinner at Alinea and she was having none of it. That’s as good as I got. Right now I have Friday off, but I’m planning on playing Wo Long: Hidden Dynasty all freakin’ day. And the way I know I picked the right lady is she doesn’t mind.

That said, if y’all have any great ideas about what we could do with ourselves on either Tuesday or Wednesday night, feel free to air ’em out. Neither of us have any better ideas, after all.

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3 thoughts on “This isn’t normal

  1. Happy Anniversary to you both! I’m terrible at romantic stuffy stuff…I was gonna say “maybe a picnic in the backyard or somewhere you can see the night sky” but then I realized it might be a touch cold. Ha! Is there somewhere you can rent out or somebody you know that works for someplace like a museum or something, where you can have an afterhours “picnic”?


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