Yeah, I got nothing

My computer is kind of being an asshole and I’m tired and kind of buried in free-floating aggravation, so … I dunno, tell me about the last good new music you heard.

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5 thoughts on “Yeah, I got nothing

  1. I don’t know that it counts as new, but I am loving Only the Strong Survive, the recently-released Springsteen album of motown covers. Especially “Nightshift.” Also, I am indulging in a nugs dot net subscription to listen to recordings from the current tour. I digressed to listen to a recent Santana concert which was, unsurprisingly, AMAZING.


  2. I recently joined Qobuz so I am listening to a ton of music I would normally not hear.
    Jaques Loussier – The Jacques Loussier Trio Plays Bach. Really cool jazz interpretations of Bach
    Pink has a new album Trustfall which is typical Pink so it is pretty good.
    Brandi Carlile – In These Silent Days. My brother has turned me on to her music and I like it.

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    1. Jazz interpretations of Bach sounds interesting, and I’ve got Trustfall and have enjoyed it, although I don’t know if it’s going to stick and be something I’m still going back to in a few months. I don’t really know Brandi Carlile.

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