Monthly Reads: January 2023

Not a lot of books this month, at least by my usual standards, but man, they were all hefty. Book of the Month is Christopher Buelhman’s The Blacktongue Thief.

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3 thoughts on “Monthly Reads: January 2023

  1. Hi. I love TJK’s books and someone went at me on TT for living then because of all the things you said and I was soon taken aback that someone would see terrible connections in TJKs books to past evils. And then I find your piece. I am so happy you wrote it. This is what more people need to read when they hear this about his books. Other pieces I have read by people who haven’t even read his book are really terrible and not at all cost to the truth about his book. So thank you.


    1. Thanks! If you don’t mind me asking, how did you find the piece? It gets an awful lot of traffic but I’ve never been able to locate any particular place that seems to be sending me the readers.


      1. I googled cerulean sea and the “schools” and yours was about the third I found. One was a Reddit who hadn’t read and was judging off headlines and the other a blog, But the person hasn’t even read the book either. After yours I didn’t feel I needed to search anymore. You actually had a week thought out, credible protective.


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