Monthly reads: August 2021

It will surprise no one to learn that the Book of the Month is Fonda Lee’s Jade Legacy, but if I limit myself to books that are actually available to the general public, I’ll go with Vita Nostra.

Monthly Reads: July 2021

Because it is Goddamned August already, somehow. Book of the Month is going to be Savage Bounty.

Monthly Reads: June 2021

Book of the Month is going to be The House in the Cerulean Sea, by TJ Klune.

Monthly Reads: May 2021

The Obama book is really, really good so far, if intensely bittersweet to read, but as I’m typing this I’m only about 1/3 of the way through it, so I’m going to hem and haw and declare that you can pick the Book of the Month from between Persephone Station, A Master of Djinn and The Raven’s Gift, because today was the last day of school (again!) and I am not in the mood for difficult choices.

Monthly Reads: April 2021

Book of the Month is going to be Cassandra Khaw’s The All-Consuming World, although I also quite enjoyed The Unspoken Name and Incendiary is showing some serious promise. Left out of the picture accidentally is Amanda Joy’s The Queen of Gilded Horns; under normal circumstances I’d retake the picture but I’ve already put all the books back and I’m feeling lazy.