Monthly Reads: July 2022

The Book of the Month is going to be Ciel Pierlot’s Bluebird, I think, although you can probably imagine there was some steep competition.

Monthly Reads: June 2022

I’m not gonna lie, there were a LOT of DNFs this month, but the Book of the Month is nonetheless Riley Black’s The Last Days of the Dinosaurs.

Monthly Reads: May 2022

All of this plus The Peacekeeper, by B.L. Blanchard, which I read as a digital ARC. Can you tell I was stuck in my room for a week?

Book of the Month is Babel.

Monthly Reads: April 2022

Book of the Month is John Scalzi’s The Kaiju Preservation Society.

Monthly Reads: March 2022

Book of the Month is going to be Shadow of the Gods, although any of the bottom four books could have taken it. I’m not done with Termination Shock just yet though.