Monthly Reads: March 2022

Book of the Month is going to be Shadow of the Gods, although any of the bottom four books could have taken it. I’m not done with Termination Shock just yet though.

Monthly Reads: February 2022

Book of the Month is Crusade, by Daniel M. Ford.

Monthly Reads: January 2022

Book of the Month has to be Xiran Jay Zhao’s Iron Widow, although Under the Whispering Door and The Affair of the Mysterious Letter were both stellar as well.

Monthly Reads: December 2021

Book of the Month is definitely Cat Rambo’s You Sexy Thing, although I’ll note that I’m only a third of the way through The Veiled Throne and it has been stellar thus far. The Bone Witch was a reread and I feel like I enjoyed it a lot more the second time through, too.

Monthly Reads: November 2021

Book of the Month is going to be The Meaning of Names, I think.