Oh good this again

I’ve been in this crabby, sluggish mood all day, and the steak and mashed potatoes my wife just made for dinner has helped with the crabby a little but but definitely has not helped with the sluggishness. I’ve spent most of the day reading, which is generally good, and I’m enjoying the book I’m reading, but … just … blech.

It’s Sunday, if it wasn’t perfectly clear.

In addition to reading, I’ve dedicated some time to job applications. I’ve done … maybe a dozen since the snow days started? I’m mostly doing moonshot type of jobs right now, putting ludicrously high amounts of money as my expected salary just to see if I get it, that sort of thing. I also started a trick today with several of the applications: most of these places will reject you before a human being ever looks at your resume if their software doesn’t find the keywords it’s looking for, so I’ve been taking the entire job description, condensing it to one-point text, turning it white, and sticking it at the end of my resume. The algorithm will find whatever words it’s looking for, but if the resume is printed it won’t be there for humans to see. We’ll see if I feel like it made any difference; if I get more emails from people for this round that might have had something to do with it.

(Does anybody out there do hiring? How important are cover letters? How much individual legwork should I be putting into each of these applications?)

Anyway, I’m going to put together tomorrow’s assignments for my kids– at this point I’m pretty sure there’s going to be school tomorrow– and then I’m going to go finish that book. No recording today, I think. How was y’all’s weekends?

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  1. I have helped with hiring before and honestly the cover letter was the most important factor for me. It’s like letting the person give their elevator speech before even interviewing them. Anyone can get a biology degree, and I can train anyone to do a technique, but how is this person going to fit in my lab? Cover letter helps answer that. (Of course I am a sample of one, and I work in academia haha) I really suggest you check out Ask A Manager blog for job searching/application advice. Also for entertainment.

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