Sunday stupid Sunday

I’ve been pretty good this year about keeping on top of my grading, but the last couple of weeks I’ve fallen off the horse a bit. I worked through about five inches of assignments today but that’s probably only about a week’s worth; there’s still another week waiting for me, and I’m going to have to suck it up and get some grading done during the week this week.

In lieu of actual Sunday content, please view this entertaining video:

Music Sunday again

…and not even much of one, I’ll admit, but these two songs have been getting a hell of a lot of play lately so let’s all enjoy them together.  I took my wife out for Chinese tonight and then went and bought books rather than worrying about blogging, so this is what you get.  🙂

Sunday music video dump

Yes, I know good and goddamn well it’s Friday out there in the “real” world, but Thursday and Friday are my weekend and I have to go to work tomorrow so to hell with your normal human days of the week.  It’s Sunday, motherfuckers, let’s rock out:

No YOU’RE not blogging

I have nothing tonight, guys.  Nothing.  Nothing.

Watch this Thor: Ragnarok trailer:

It’s Sunday, and I’m sleepy

Have a music video or two, y’all: