Monthly Reads: February 2020

Book of the Month: A BLIGHT OF BLACKWINGS, by Kevin Hearne.

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Luther M. Siler

Teacher, writer of words, and local curmudgeon. Enthusiastically profane. Occasionally hostile.

3 thoughts on “Monthly Reads: February 2020

    1. Very different, and yes, much darker. Hearne’s humor stays intact but I don’t know that I’d have realized the same guy wrote both if his name wasn’t on the cover. (FWIW, I loved the ID series but I like Seven Kennings more.)


      1. More? Reeeeeaally? Hmm. Might need to check them out then. Similar to Seanan then? I think her humor comes across in both the Toby books and the InCryptid books yet InCryptid is definitely lighter.


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