Writing question for y’all

WordPress should have some sort of built-in poll functionality.

Feel free to reply here or on Twitter and expand on any thoughts you might have.

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3 thoughts on “Writing question for y’all

  1. Although I’ve never used it, WP does have a ‘poll’ option. It’s right next to the ‘add media’ doohickey, just above the formatting options. I am still using the ‘classic’ editor though, so YMMV …

    Depends on what you want from it … from a sales standpoint it would make more sense to just do the recap, thereby generating potential sales for the short story as a separate entity.
    Or …
    Recap and reprint at the end of the book, for those interested in more information, wouldn’t be my favourite option though
    Trying to incorporate it directly into the book as Ch1 could be tricky because as a short story it’s an enclosed entity, and could effect the rest of the book in a way that you don’t want … besides you’ve already written it once, how keen on rewriting it are you?
    Or …option 4 – add the information into the book as backstory wherever needed – this would be my first choice. 😀

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